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Dental Emergencies in Leesburg, VA

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Harmony Dental Center of Leesburg provides care for dental emergencies in Leesburg, VA. For more information or to book a prompt appointment, please call our office at 703-779-7779.

What Are Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies involve situations needing prompt attention. Possible dental emergencies include severe toothaches, cracked or broken teeth, dental trauma, knocked-out or dislodged teeth, and oral soft tissue injuries.

We have gathered some of the most common dental emergencies and when you should call for an immediate appointment.

Severe Tooth or Gum Pain

Call us immediately if your toothache or gums hurt so much that you can't relax or sleep. You may have deep decay, a cracked or broken tooth, a gum or tooth infection, or an injury.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you lose an adult tooth, it is an emergency. If you receive treatment as soon as possible, we may be able to save it.

To save your loose tooth:

  1. Please pick it up gently by the crown.
  2. Avoid touching the root.
  3. Rinse it carefully and try placing it back in the socket. Keep it inside your cheek if you can't fit it into the socket.
  4. If this doesn't work, put your tooth in a cup of saliva, milk, or a drugstore solution called Save-A-Tooth. Avoid using water to keep the delicate root cells intact.
  5. Get to the dentist as soon as you can. Within half an hour is your best bet, but even if it has been longer than an hour, we may be able to save the tooth.

Loose Tooth

Like a knocked-out tooth, loose teeth need prompt treatment to plant back into the jaw. We may use an orthodontic splint to hold your tooth in place.

Swelling in the Jaw or Mouth

Swelling in the mouth or jaw can indicate a dangerous infection or abscess. Abscess infections can spread to other parts of your body and turn systemic.

Exposed Tooth Nerves

Exposed nerves may cause severe pain. This situation can happen if your tooth is broken or decayed.

Oral Bleeding

If you have severe oral bleeding that does not stop, see the emergency room immediately before calling the dentist.

Lost Filling or Crown

Losing a filling or crown may be an emergency, depending on how much of your tooth's interior becomes exposed. Some lost fillings and crowns can wait until the next business day, but some cannot. Call us if you have any doubts.

What to Do if You Can't Reach Us

Cold and Warm Compresses

Compresses of different temperatures can help soothe oral injuries while waiting to see the dentist.

Gauze Application

Cover the area with gauze or a wet tea bag if you have minor dental bleeding.

Rinse With Salt Water

Saltwater rinses can relieve pain and lessen the chance of infection.

Cover Sharp Edges

You can acquire orthodontic wax at any pharmacy. Use this wax to cover the sharp edges of broken teeth.

Fill Lost Fillings

If you have a lost filling, try filling the hole with sugarless chewing gum or temporary dental cement.

Why Choose Harmony Dental Center of Leesburg?

We can see you promptly to treat the most common dental injuries and emergencies. We can schedule a rapid appointment to reduce your chance of developing complications. Seeing your family dentist in an emergency often costs less and is more comfortable than visiting someone unfamiliar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Emergencies

What are the chances that you can save my knocked-out tooth?
Dentists can save 90 percent of knocked-out teeth if you see them promptly.
Can you replace a child's lost baby tooth?
This replacement is impossible because putting the tooth back in the socket could damage the permanent tooth underneath. If a child loses a tooth, we will probably use a space maintainer to open the spot for the emerging tooth.
When should I go to the emergency room before calling the dentist?
If you are having difficulty breathing or swallowing due to a large swelling in the jaw, you need to seek emergency medical attention. If you have signs of a systemic infection, like fever and chills, visit the emergency room first. If you are bleeding for over 15 to 20 minutes, you should also see an emergency physician. If you have oral lacerations, the emergency room should be your first call.
If I lose a crown, should I save it?
Save your lost crown because it can often be re-cemented onto your prepared tooth.
Why are dental abscesses dangerous?
The infection could spread to other teeth or to the rest of your body, causing an emergency medical situation. Also, they can cause a great deal of pain.

Call Harmony Dental Center of Leesburg

If you encounter a dental emergency, don't panic. We can help save or soothe your tooth, restoring your comfort and helping your life return to normal.

If you have any questions about whether your problem is an emergency, call us immediately at 703-779-7779. We have an after-hours emergency line where one of our doctors can help triage your issue and provide guidance. We can schedule a prompt appointment during business hours, on a same-day basis, whenever possible.

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