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Cosmetic Dentistry in Leesburg, VA

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Harmony Dental Center of Leesburg offers cosmetic dentistry services in Leesburg, VA. For more information or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, please call our office at 703-779-7779.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry's goal is to improve the appearance of your smile. Using various advanced techniques, we can cover or correct aesthetic flaws that may keep you from wanting to share your smile.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Boosts your self-confidence

Corrects your dental bite

Improves your teeth's alignment, making gum disease and tooth decay less likely

Eliminates chips, gaps, and cracks in your teeth

Brightens teeth and takes years off your appearance

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Why Choose Harmony Dental Center of Leesburg?

We provide advanced cosmetic dentistry care in a warm, friendly office setting. Dr. Cowell expertly performs cosmetic procedures, bringing you excellent results. We operate with honesty and high integrity at all times.

Procedures Offered

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth will naturally lose their brightness over time. Drinking coffee or tea, using tobacco, and certain childhood medications can cause teeth to discolor or darken even faster than normal. We offer teeth whitening services to help brighten your smile!

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Smile Test Drive

Our Smile Test Drive is a digital process that enables you to see the future results of cosmetic dentistry before you have any work done. Dr. Cowell can preview what your smile will look like with Digital Smile Design after each treatment step. She uses overlay 3D design to ensure you see your new smile from every angle.

Learn more about a Smile Test Drive

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

Invisalign is a fast, simple way to correct tooth alignment and can help with numerous cosmetic issues like crooked teeth and unwanted gaps. Comfortable, discreet, and often faster than traditional braces, Invisalign provides a graduated series of clear plastic appliances that gently move your teeth into new positions. 

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Dental Veneers

Veneers consist of thin sheets of porcelain or composite material. Dr. Cowell prepares the tooth surface and cements the veneers in place. In a single procedure, veneers can cover chipped, cracked, discolored, gapped, and slightly misaligned teeth. Composite veneers are more affordable, while porcelain veneers are longer-lasting and stain-resistant.

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Cosmetic Bonding

Tooth shade guide being held up to teeth

Cosmetic bonding is an easy, one-step process that can cover many of the same issues as veneers. The dentist applies and shapes composite material to correct your teeth's appearance.

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Cosmetic Services May Also Include:

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

Why should I invest in cosmetic dentistry?
Cosmetic dentistry represents an investment in your self-image and oral health. Many people with cosmetic flaws in their teeth are reluctant to smile in social situations or photos. They may give others a mistaken impression about themselves. Feeling confident in your smile will make you want to approach the world optimistically.
What types of foods should I avoid after teeth whitening?
Darkly pigmented food and beverages may stain your teeth. These include cola, red wine, dark juices, coffee, and tea. It is vital to avoid these foods in the first few weeks after whitening, and if you can eliminate them, your teeth whitening investment will last longer.
What is the difference between over-the-counter and professional teeth whitening?
Over-the-counter whitening products available at pharmacies are much safer than products purchased online. However, they may take a long time to work and require repeated applications. You may encounter tooth sensitivity due to overusing commercial teeth whitening preparations. Products purchased online may cause oversensitivity and could burn your gums. It is best to avoid buying tooth-whitening products online. If you have a choice between professional and over-the-counter whitening, choose to protect your teeth and gums. Professional whitening is safer, faster, and produces better results.
How long does Invisalign take to work?
The entire Invisalign process usually takes between 12 and 18 months. Some patients may complete treatment in less than 12 months. This process is significantly faster than braces, which usually take 18 months to three years. Invisalign is more comfortable and discreet than braces.
How long do veneers last?
Porcelain veneers last about five to seven years. Composite veneers last about three to five years and can last longer with proper care.
Does insurance cover cosmetic dentistry?
Most policies do not cover cosmetic dentistry, but some procedures that benefit oral health may receive partial coverage. Call your insurer and our expert office staff to ask about your coverage.

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