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Top 3 Reasons See Your Dentist Regularly

Top 3 Reasons See Your Dentist Regularly

December 19, 2023

It is recommended that you visit the dentist every 6 months for a routine cleaning. This is not just because your dentist wants to see you, but rather because your oral health demands it. 

Here are the top 3 reasons you should be visiting your dentist regularly. 

1. Prevent Dental Issues — Or Address Them Early

If your oral hygiene is not maintained, bacteria and debris can cause plaque to build up within the mouth, leaving you susceptible to things like tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, no matter how well you brush and floss, spots throughout the mouth can be missed. 

Routine professional cleanings are the best way to ensure you are removing all the plaque and tartar that is present, leaving your teeth and gums free and clear. 

What’s more, your dentist will examine your entire mouth after your cleaning. Any areas of concern can be addressed before they get too out of hand. For instance, catching decay early means it can often be treated with a small filling whereas leaving it until it gets worse can lead to the need for a root canal or even an extraction. 

Routine care is preventative care

2. Save Yourself Time and Money

The idea of going to the dentist every six months means time away from other activities, as well as the cost of the cleaning and visit. But here are two things to consider:   

First, most dental insurance companies will cover most or all of these preventative care visits. If you do not have dental insurance, we offer a membership plan that can provide great cost savings for routine and restorative dental care. Or, just plan for the cost, saving a little each month to make sure the 6-month visit is budgeted for when the time comes. Your teeth and gums are worth it. 

Second, when you have your oral health concerns addressed as soon as possible, you will not require more in-depth, complex treatments. The more difficult and involved your procedure is, the greater the cost. Sometimes, such as in the event of a root canal, it can even require multiple visits. 

Save yourself time and money by being proactive with your dental care. 

3. Boost Your Oral and Your Overall Health

Your oral health and your overall health are connected. In other words, you cannot try to make sure you are in good general health without accounting for your teeth and gums. Any bacteria or infection present can work its way into the bloodstream — allowing it to be carried throughout your body to all of your organs. 

This can cause or exacerbate chronic health conditions, or quickly escalate to a medical emergency. 

Visiting your dentist regularly can boost your oral health and your overall health. 

Time for a Visit? 

Has it been a while since you have seen the dentist? The compassionate dental team at Harmony Dental Center of Leesburg is here for you – without judgment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are fluoride treatments necessary?

Fluoride treatments are highly recommended. They are an effective part of preventative dental care and a great way to improve your dental health in both adults and children. 

How often do I need to have dental x-rays? 

The frequency of dental X-rays will vary from person to person based on their oral health – usually every 6 to 18 months.

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